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Dexcom G4 Errors: From Love to Hate

After testing out Dexcom G4 CGM-sensors together with Heidi from Animas (Johnson & Johnson), it felt like I finally found the right continous blood glucose metering. Everything seemed so easy when she showed it. Dexcom seemed to be less prone to errors while also being way less painful to insert and . Oh well, then [...]

Air Pollution may Increase the Risk of Insulin Resistance

A new study from Diabetologia children that are exposed to air traffic pollution could increase the risk of insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes when they become adults. Research on almost 400 10 year old’s found that by living close to a major road increased their┬áresistance┬áper 500m. the research also found that children who [...]

New Long Acting Insulin From Novo Nordisk Approved by EU

Novo nordisk logo

The European Commission have granted Novo Nordisk approval for the long acting insulin Tresiba (insulin degludec) and Ryzodeg (insulin degludec/insulin aspart) across all European Union member states for diabetic patients. The new treatments from Novo Nordisk can reduce diabetic complications and allow fewer injections according to the company, which if true might be sensational news [...]

Pancreatic islets transplants vs Pancreas transplantation

The first pancreatic islets transplant from a brain-dead donor are being planned in Japan. The pancreatic islets are the function in the body which make insulin. Japan today have about 100 000 diabetic people and the amount of people getting it every year keep inc under new management


This website is now under new management, powered by a guy with diabetes. I will here write about my own experience with diabetes and how I try to avoid complications. You can also learn more about common symptoms for hypo and signs that you might have diabetes. will also discuss insulin pump therapy and [...]