Healthy Food for Diabetics

In a diabetic person, using the right diet remains a priority in controlling blood sugar levels. When a person takes food, it is absorbed into the blood streams where the body processes turn some into sugars and then transported by insulin into the body’s cells. Since diabetics are unable to make use of the available insulin, the best way to remain healthy is through selecting food low in sugar and high in nutrients. Since what one eats can make them worse or better, it is best for diabetics to follow the food types and the guidelines below.


Foods high in carbohydrates are the main cause of abnormal blood sugar levels. The patients should abstain from carbohydrates that are high in starches and low in fibers. Since the body digests and absorbs fibers lower than other diets, these processes low down the intake of sugar into blood streams hence controlling this disorder. Fiber rich carbohydrates do not only control blood sugar levels, but also make a person stay full and satisfied for long thus minimizing chances of taking carbohydrates high in starches. Examples of carbohydrate food safe for diabetic are, beans, cabbages, oat porridge, apples, citrus, olives, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, avocado, and mushrooms. However, white bread, cakes, dates, broad beans, watermelon, pancakes, rice, biscuits are some of carbohydrate food that diabetics should avoid at all cost.


It is advisable for diabetics to choose healthy fats that are best suited to their body. The aim here is to eat a balanced and healthy diet that in turn stabilizes blood sugar. These healthy fats do not only prevent low blood sugar reactions that are so common in diabetics, but also control both cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The recommended fats in this category are vegetable oil, olive oil, and margarine. This combination is also useful in controlling weight loss that can lead to other disorders in diabetics.


Bananas, papayas, oranges, grapes, berries, and mangoes are a few examples of fruits high in vitamins that diabetics should take. In addition, they should eat whole fruits rather than drinking fruit juices since they may contain sugars and other chemicals harmful to their bodies. Include fresh leafy greens and whole grain products in the diet since they contain essential nutrients such as chromium, potassium, and magnesium instead of processed grain products.


One should select the right food high in proteins since some of these foods may contain high amounts of cholesterol that might harm the body. Researchers recommend fish high in omega 3 fatty acids like Wild-caught salmon for the patients. In addition, it is advisable to eat boiled meat since fried chicken and beef products contain high amounts of fatty acids that may lead to high blood pressure. Soya beans, peanuts, chicken eggs, millets, and beef, lamb are a few examples of protein food safe for diabetics.


It is always the best for diabetics to obtain anĀ Ehic card for its many benefits relating to health care. They should also ensure they get advice from their doctors on how best to control the diabetes.

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