Diabetic foot complications

diabetic feet

Diabetic Neuropathy is when nerve damage occur. Foot complications may lessen diabetic person’s ability to feel pain, heat or/and cold. Your skin might also get very dry and it’s suggested to use moisture in order to avoid any skin peeling or cracking. Calluses tend to occur quicker on diabetics. These high pressure areas might need inserts or therapeutic shoes to improve. The calluses should also be trimmed or they might turn into ulcers. Make sure to visit your doctor if you get any calluses. Poorly fitted shoes may lead to foot ulcers among men and women with diabetes. Make sure to see your GP or foot specialist right away when you detect a foot ulcer.

Another common foot complication for diabetics is peripheral arterial disease (PAD). People get it when blood vessels in are narrowed or blocked by fatty deposits, decreasing blood flow to your feet. Poor circulation or blood flow to your legs and feet is a common side effect for diabetic middle age men and women. The best things to avoid is smoking, while keeping your cholesterol under control with healthy diet and lots of exercise also help.

The best way to cope with diabetic feet is regular care and proper footwear. Use warm socks if your feet are cold. Examine your feet every day. Make sure to visit a doctor if any type of foot problem occurs.

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