Dexcom G4 Errors: From Love to Hate

dexcom errors

After testing out Dexcom G4 CGM-sensors together with Heidi from Animas (Johnson & Johnson), it felt like I finally found the right continous blood glucose metering. Everything seemed so easy when she showed it. Dexcom seemed to be less prone to errors while also being way less painful to insert and . Oh well, then I got 8 of them and was set to go. Guess what. I didn’t manage to sort out any of the two first dexcom G4 sensors to last more than 5 days, while the last one actually didn’t last for a second (see picture above).

Errors by Decom or me?
My love for Dexcom G4 sensors and the Animas continuous blood glucose monitor system quickly went downhill. All because of a small plastic strap, tiredness and inability to go back in time and adjust a tiny mistake. A shame they put on a plastic strap that cost you £60 if broken. Here is what I did wrong..

1. Inserting sensor in the evening: Perhaps I was a bit tired or simply didn’t follow the instructions properly. In fact, I had the instructions in front of me
2. Broke the plastic strap BEFORE inserting the sensor. I forgot how to do it.. :) Hey, it’s only my second sensor. Wish they made it easier to insert the CGM sensors and more user friendly IF you make any errors.
3. Didn’t watch a video of Decom D4 insertion techniques. There are many great ones. Please find one example below.

But instead of reading the instructions thoroughly I tried to insert the Dexcom sensor at the same time. Not a good idea. Adding to the problem, I had chosen an awkward (no recommended) place to put the sensor, on my buttocks instead of the belly. This added to my frustration and made me sweating of pure frustration. Oh well, another £60 down the drain. I hate to waste money on plastic devices that cannot be used. I could have bought 3 bottles of whiskey for that instead or almost 1/3 of a new jacket paid :)

Anyway, wish I saw the great tutorial for type 1 diabetics let you learn more about Dexcom G4 sensor insertion BEFORE rather than AFTER using the sensors. There are many more videos and I strongly recommend watching before facing Dexcom G4 errors like I did..

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