CGM manufacturers in UK

animas vibe

If you’re looking for the top CGM manufacturers in Great Britain – this is the right place. CGM stands for continuous glucose monitoring and has been available for diabetics in over 6 years, but only as a self-funding option in UK. We’re giving information about the major CGM brands from a diabetics point of view after living with diabetes for over 25 years.

What’s available?
There are a handful insulin pump manufacturers with CGM functionality approved in UK. had the pleasure to try Medtronic latest (Enlite Sensor) and Dexcom G4 sensor for Animas Vibe.

Top CGM manufacturers rate Dexcom G4 sensor – used by Animas Vibe aka (Johnson and Johnson) as the best choice, while Medtronic is our second choice. Dexcom sensors is more affordable (£50 for each sensor) and they last double as long according to my tests. So efficiently, the Dexcom sensors used with Animas Vibe are more sensible, durable and less itchy on the skin. They are also less painful to insert. Animas Vibe also measure quick blood sugar changes quicker and more accurately according to our own tests.

Medtronic, which been around longer and spend more on research and development are still behind when it comes to responsiveness and accurancy for low blood sugar readings. You would surely expect more from
an established manufacturer like Medtronic compared to Animas, even if they are owned by Johnson and Johnson now.

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