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CGM manufacturers in UK

If you’re looking for the top CGM manufacturers in Great Britain – this is the right place. CGM stands for continuous glucose monitoring and has been available for diabetics in over 6 years, but only as a self-funding option in UK. We’re giving information about the major CGM brands from a diabetics point of view [...]

New Long Acting Insulin From Novo Nordisk Approved by EU

Novo nordisk logo

The European Commission have granted Novo Nordisk approval for the long acting insulin Tresiba (insulin degludec) and Ryzodeg (insulin degludec/insulin aspart) across all European Union member states for diabetic patients. The new treatments from Novo Nordisk can reduce diabetic complications and allow fewer injections according to the company, which if true might be sensational news [...]

Diabetes Drug Victoza Leading to Cancer?

Consumer activists such as Public Citizen now ask FDA to ban one of the newest drugs to assist in type Diabetes, Victoza. The main reasons to ban Victoza are because of the increased pancreatic and thyroid cancer risk. So far, at least 28 cased of pancreatic cancer have been diagnosed by patients using Victoza. Usually, this [...]