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Diabetes Drug Victoza Leading to Cancer?

Consumer activists such as Public Citizen now ask FDA to ban one of the newest drugs to assist in type Diabetes, Victoza. The main reasons to ban Victoza are because of the increased pancreatic and thyroid cancer risk. So far, at least 28 cased of pancreatic cancer have been diagnosed by patients using Victoza. Usually, this [...]

Fruits and vegetables can lower risk of getting diabetes

A recent study published in Diabetes Care shows that people getting both fruits and vegetables in their diet have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The research, carried out by Nita G. Forouhi, from the Institute of Metabolic Science in Cambridge, covered over 3700 adults in UK.

Diabetes and Impotence

Diabetic impotence

Being diabetic can often lead to quite a few complications if your blood glucose goes up and down and if your HBA1C are repeatedly over 7.5. Impotence is one of the most common diabetic complications, but doctors and diabetic nurses seldom talk about it. Perhaps they are ashamed to bring it up, or they simply [...]

Irregular sleep may lead to diabetes

Shift workers and people with irregular sleeping habits may be of higher risk to get both diabetes and become overweight, according to research shown in Sciene Translation Medicine. Many shift workers have shown early signs and symptoms of developing diabetes, some as early as a few weeks after their new habits. One of the reasons [...]

Chemicals leading to diabetes?

chemicals might lead to diabetes

Surprising findings have been made regarding plastics and chemicals found in perfume. A Swedish study suggests that people with a modest level of chemicals in their blood are double as likely to develop diabetes. The study analyzed data compiled from 1000 people aged over 70, of which over 100 had developed diabetes. Other possible factors [...] under new management


This website is now under new management, powered by a guy with diabetes. I will here write about my own experience with diabetes and how I try to avoid complications. You can also learn more about common symptoms for hypo and signs that you might have diabetes. will also discuss insulin pump therapy and [...]